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“No ‘Hey Hey’ would be the same without its regular segments and it was one of those, Red faces - which almost  stole the evenings thunder by unearthing a fine new comic talent in one David Gould. In 16 years in the business, ‘Hey hey’ has never produced a better night’s viewing and it proved beyond a doubt that ‘live’ entertainment on TV is not dead.”
The Age - Review by Paul Speelman

“Biggest voice of night belongs not to any of the leads, but to the bloke playing Caiaphas. It’s one of those big deep bellows, and fills the hall with the right amount of menace and majesty.”
Juke Magazine  JC Superstar Review  Ross Clelland

“A classy touch of operatic bass comes from David Gould as Caiaphas, just to remind everyone that this J.C. Superstar presentation is just the froth and bubble on top of a grand tradition of theatre with music.”
The Advertiser Adelaide. JC Superstar review by Tim Lloyd

“The classically trained singers just about steal the show from the stars in Jesus Christ Superstar. Victorian State Opera singer David Gould, who is consigned to the company listings in the program, is a vocally strong and physically imposing Caiaphas.”
The Adelaide Advertiser. JC Superstar review by Peter Goers

“In the superb company of singers backing the stars there are some wonderful surprises. David Gould’s rich bass-baritone as Caiaphas is greatly welcome for variation.”
The Daily Telegraph - Sydney. JC Superstar review by Frank Gauntlett

"...The bass voice of David Gould is spine tingling."
Melbourne Herald-Sun

“David Gould is a deep sea hit as the base bass, Stewpot”
Adelaide Advertiser. South Pacific review by Matt Byrne

"Special praise must go to David Gould who has one of the most magnificent voices to grace a theatre stage."
Sunday Herald-Sun

"...David Gould, a true singer-actor with style!"
Christchurch Press N.Z. HMS Pinafore Review

"The deepest bass you’ll ever hear and a great sense of humour”
Perth ‘The West Australian’

"Marvellous deep voice and presence"
The Age

"This tall handsome young actor with the big, big bass voice has been attracting a lot of admirers for both his good looks and his formidable talent".
Brisbane News

"The award for the most powerful and controlled voice of the night must go to David Gould. His opera trained bass - baritone comes from his boots and sounds as though it could fill the auditorium (Perth Entertainment Centre) without microphone assistance."
Perth X Press  Jesus Christ Superstar Review

"The bass voice of David Gould - a voice like rich dark chocolate"    
Opera North review

“David Gould, as the lecherous old Bey, was in top form...the essence of Gould’s artistry is comic inventiveness, and his feats with a cheese grater had the audience doubled up with laughter.”
Sybil Nolan  Herald - Sun  Italian Girl in Algiers Review

“When he sings it is like watching an overloaded camel swaying - a very funny caricature.
This production is an oriental delight.”
John Slavin  The Age   Italian Girl in Algiers Review

“Young David Gould brings a rich voice and a fine sense of comedy to his role as the Mikado himself.”
The Sunday Telegraph - Sydney.  Mikado review by Paul lePetit

“David Gould portrays the Mikado as a beefcake Elvis impersonator injecting the role with considerably more sex appeal and humour than is usual. Splendid family fun.”
Arts in Adelaide. Mikado review by Barry Lenny

‘Yet it is Julie Anthony and finally David Gould, as the Adonic Mikado, who take this production to the max. David Gould with his majestic voice and Olympian presence, makes Yuhl Brynner from the king and I look like a puffed up Sphinx pussycat. Without wanting to sound too unkind, it is hoped that Kamahl and the ghosts of Elvis and Yuhl Brynner can get on down to QPAC to hear Gould’s incredible deep voiced version of ‘Let the punishment fit the crime.”
MC Reviews - Brisbane  Reviewed by Julian Wagner  Mikado Review

“Luckily there are other things to keep the audience amused - chief among them The Mikado (The Big Cheese) who, when he finally appears, is played with verve and panache by David Gould, who is something of a G & S veteran, though I suspect he’s never played the Mikado like this. Part Elvis Presley, part Roger Ramjet, Gould leads with his lantern jaw and his flexing pecs. He’s a scene -stealer in a very real sense, and up against Julie Anthony ( The wicked sister in law Katisha) that’s saying something indeed.”
DB  Review Alex Wheaton  Mikado Review

“But the comic centrepiece of the show is again David Gould as the ‘pec-tacular’ Mikado. The temple-like Gould glitters with wit, Elvis swagger and platform shoe-biz, as his sublime let the punishment fit the crime never flags, in a More Humane Mikado”
Sunday Advertiser - Adelaide. Review Matt Byrne  Mikado Review

“The ultra-buff David Gould, meanwhile, is God-like as Japan’s almighty leader, The Mikado. Gould brings some fabulous chest muscles and that amazing voice of his to the title role.”
Queensland Review.   Review Nigel Munro-Wallis  Mikado Review

“David Gould's stage presence is exceptional and his voice deep enough to make your toes tingle”
Adelaide Theatre Guide.  Review  Fran Edwards  Mikado Review

“David Gould, a comic stalwart reprising his original role as Don Basilio, romps through the show, clowning with remarkable skill and making Rossini’s frantic score sound easy to sing.”
The Herald - Sun.  The Barber of Seville Review

“Alone among the 10 soloists, David Gould gave a sense of characterisation and purpose.”
The Australian.Treemonisha Review -  Vincent Plush

“David Gould  exhibits a polished sense of humour as the Captain.”
Herald Sun.  HMS Pinafore review  by Paul LePetit

“David Gould’s strong bass provides a very funny Police Sergeant in Pirates”
Herald-Sun.   Gilbert and Sullivan Spectacular  review by Kate Herbert

“Most joyous of all is David Gould, as a marvellously droll Sergeant of Police, leading the rollically When the Foeman bears his steel and demonstrating perfectly how this ebullient double chorus can be, to borrow a Gilbert phrase ‘funny without being vulgar’.”
The Age - The Production Company Gilbert and Sullivan Spectacular with Dennis Olsen and David Gould - Review by Jim Murphy

“The deep, resonant voice of David Gould’s Captain Corcoran captivated the audience just as it finally captured the heart of Buttercup.”
Capital Times - Wellington

“He has a wonderful resonant tone and clearly knew how to sell a song sending many a lady weak at the knees as he played to a full theatre at the Frankston Cultural Centre.”
The Mail and Independent Arts Diary Newspaper

“David Gould is the real hit of the night. His deep bass,rap-dancing and amazing muscle control are show stoppers. Together, Gould and Forsythe walk off with the show”
Spinout Magazine  Mikado Review by David Studham

“Geraldine Turner’s Katisha was a standout while David Gould’s lycra clad, muscle bound Mikado stole the show”
The Daily Telegraph Mirror - Sydney. Mikado review by Bryce Corbett

“There’s a splendid Mikado of Japan (David Gould). His voice seems to start in his built up wooden shoes and thunder upwards and outwards. In red and black, gold trimmed and tasselled, he struts and bestrides the stage. Some scenes find the right balance of Gilbert and Sullivan stylishness with a wallop of here and now like Gould’s ‘To let the punishment fit the crime’ with its big blast finale.”
The Sun-Herald  - Sydney. Mikado review by Pamela Payne

“Another who made the most of his stage time was David Gould as the Sergeant. His deep voice and expressive body language made him an instant favourite.”
The Entertainer - Rockhampton. Pirates review by Natalie Gauld

“ Rich bass flowed from the ballast voice of David Gould as The Sergeant brandishing well polished steel and plenty of Ta ran-tara
The Cairns Post.  Review by Hugh Munroe

“David Gould of the contortioning limbs and powerful voice brings visual as well as vocal delight to his performance as the Sergeant of Police”.
Canberra Times. Pirates review by W.L.Hoffman

“Two years ago, David Gould made a great Mikado, an impressive hybrid of Kagamusha and Shakin’ Stevens. This time he creates a goofily funny Captain Corcoran while overcoming the gravest set of physical handicaps I’ve seen inflict a comic performer - he’s handsome, tall, well built and possesses a resonant baritone voice”
Brisbane News. HMS Pinafore review by Paul Galloway

“David Gould’s mellifluous bass baritone oils its way around the Captain’s music.”
NZ Herald. HMS Pinafore review by Tim Bridgewater

“Simon Gallaher has allowed himself to be utterly usurped in the matinee-idol department. He unveiled the wonderful David Gould, an amazing Sylvester Stallone/Gregory Peck hunk of handsome, in The Mikado and has thrown him into the adulation limelight by casting him as the Captain of the Pinafore. Gould has a magnificent bass voice, good comic timing, amazing pecs and a magnetic stage presence.”
The Advertiser - Adelaide. HMS Pinafore review by Samela Harris

“Not for the first time do Helen Donaldson and David Gould rescue a faltering show. The magnetic David Gould has traversed the journey from ‘Stewpot’ to stupendous and his secret seems to be a raucous self parody. Gould is a regal Captain, a resonant bass voice with excellent lyric diction.
Stage Page Theatre Review. HMS Pinafore review by Scott Treloar

“But for sheer scene stealing, no one surpasses the handsome David Gould
The West Australian.

“David Gould, who also crosses easily between music theatre and opera, is superb as the geriatric Don Basilio, whether Zimmer-framing upstage or bursting explosively into spluttering song.”
Herald Sun. Barber of Seville review by Sybil Nolan

“Gould’s consummate vocal skill and velvety bass-baritone lend weight and style to the entire show and his I can’t say goodnight is a highlight”
Herald Sun. Seriously review by Kate Herbert

“David Gould as scene-stealing Njegus.” Review of MO Merry Widow

“David Gould provides multiple comic flourishes as Njegus.”
Theatre Review of MO Merry Widow

“And a special call for David Gould's drier - than - Veuve, Jeeves-like manservant Njegus”
Sydney Morning Herald. Review of MO Merry Widow by Michael Shmith

“The gangling bass David Gould made the most of his comic moments as Njegus. Conductor David Kram arranged and re-inserted his solo from a different edition to allow him to have his moment of glory.”
Stage Whispers. Review of MO Merry Widow by Graham Ford


"Ruggedly handsome Gould brings booming-voiced weight and gravity to his role as an anguished two-timer having an adulterous fling."

Variety U.S. 'Seriously' Review by Peter H. Kemp


"Gould’s timing and use of body language resulted in a performance that was truly memorable."

The Barber Of Seville. Melbourne Opera Review by Classic Melbourne

"Sir Joseph Porter, performed by the marvellous David Gould, is allowed a smattering of malapropisms and modern references, and these are all the funnier for his deliciously deadpan delivery.

Gould garners all the laughs as Sir Joseph (Andrew Lloyd) Porter. Gould’s rendition of cherished patter song “When I Was A Lad” is well served by singing it straight to the audience with little or no chorus movement. Gould’s couple of extra verses in show-stopping trio “Never Mind The Why And Wherefore” provide a well deserved encore for the number."

SimonParisManInChair Opera Review

‘David Gould is  splendid as Sir Joseph Porter’

Michael Smith ‘The Age’ Opera  Reviewer

Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

"On opening night, with high qualifications to take on the position, David Gould made a priceless entrance as a seasick Sir Joseph Porter KCB, First Lord of the Admiralty and entertained to the end with his smug and gangly demeanour and pliant bass that seemed to percolate from the hull."

Melbourne Opera’s HMS Pinafore is a handsome, spit and polished production.

Paul Selar, Reviewer, Herald Sun

Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

"The big surprise for me was David Gould as Sir Joseph Porter. Employing an operatic bass in a role usually played by a light character baritone seemed a strange choice, but he triumphed magnificently. With no tongue-twisters for him to sing, his rich voice gave the elderly character a gravitas not usually seen. He was also very funny. He was given an extra couple of verses of the trio “Never Mind the Why and Wherefore” which were topical and hilarious."

Stage Whispers  Graham Ford

Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

Superbly strong in both music and dialogue, Mr. Gould’s Admiral is hysterical but never overdone. He prances and preens his way through the big numbers without ever losing touch with the rest of the cast. His performance is well judged, faultlessly timed and absolutely enjoyable.

ConcertoNet Review Gregory Pritchard Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

The production will star charismatic comedian, entertainer and opera singer David Gould as Sir Joseph Porter (acclaimed for his brilliant performances as Don Basilio in The Barber of Seville and Njegus in The Merry Widow),

The star of the performance is indubitably David Gould (The RT. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter). From the moment Gould comes on stage, to the finale, his stage presence is felt. His commanding performance, and comic expressions and timing is masterful. Having the body shape to present a tall lanky First Lord of the Admiralty is exactly what you would expect. His antics, hand gestures and general movements are extremely comical but not silly.

Theatre People Review  - George Dixon Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

Led by David Gould as Sir Joseph Porter., his renditions of the famous songs “When I Was a Lad” and “I am the Monarch of the Sea” were perfectly delivered with his rich bass voice and hilarious comic timing.

Classic Melbourne Review  Jon Jackson Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

The standout performance of the night for me was David Gould as The RT. HON. SIR Joseph Porter. He brought this wonderfully effortless comedic element to the performance that had the audience in hysterics. His portrayal of the well known ‘I am the monarch of the sea’ was truly wonderful, and the cast complimented each other perfectly in rhythmic harmony.

The AU Review Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

Katelyn Rew

But the stage truly comes alive with David Gould as Sir Joseph Porter, with his combination of subtle and overt comedic mannerisms and perfect timing. Every line, song, and flick of his wrist is a joy to watch. He owns the stage.

The Plus Ones Online Review Ara Sarafian

Melbourne Opera HMS Pinafore Review

The evening’s non pariel was the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Porter KCB, First Lord of the Admiralty, from David Gould.

In nine years of reviewing I would rate his performance for command of timing, his comic inflection and projection of character as one of the very best. A brilliant performance.

HMS PINAFORE Review Melbourne Opera

Reviewed by Peter Green

3MBS. Aired on Saturday March 18

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