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A commitment ceremony is just like any other wedding ceremony, except that it is not legally binding.  Many people during Covid decided to have a small intimate wedding and a bigger commitment ceremony with those that they love. They really can feel just like a real wedding, only we do not include the legally binding elements. Everything else stays, it is simply a public expression of your commitment to one another. It can be formal or casual depending on the couple. Just the same as any wedding, they can be a public demonstration of a couple's love for each other

Although the makeup of the ceremony depends entirely on the couples’ own preferences, a general sample of the key elements normally included are as follows;

Welcome / Introduction

I'll welcome guests to the celebration and say a few words about your relationship and about commitment in general.


I can provide you with samples of readings, or you may wish to use music lyrics, poetry, passages of literature, famous quotes, or your own writing to honour a family member or friend.


I would be more than happy to help you draft these vows and again, I have compiled sample vows I can provide you with inspiration for your own creations.

Ring Exchanges

If the couple chooses, they may exchange rings and say a few words about what they mean to each other. Alternatively, the couple may choose one of the many Unity Ceremonies that are available to create an even more memorable experience.

Pronouncement of Commitment

You will be announced as life partners to your guests - or any other alternative.

Certificate presentation

To commemorate the event, the couple will be presented with a professionally printed Certificate of Commitment.

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