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Not everyone wants a big white wedding and the expense that comes with it. Sometimes all that's needed is simplicity.

As Leonardo Da Vinci said, ' Simplicity is the key to Sophistication'.

If you would like a 'Legals Only' ceremony or an Elopement that's short and simple, with a touch of elegance, then I can be of assistance.

Your ceremony can take place at a park, on a beach, at your home, or in my Cottage Chapel.

I'll assist you to create an elopement that fits your needs. I'll make your ceremony fun, fuss free and enjoyable from the moment we meet until you are officially registered as married couple.

Image by Danie Franco

It's as easy as...


We connect either in person or via zoom chat and get to know each other


I compile the information you provide about your unique love story and together we'll fill in and complete the legally required paperwork


I compose your story and put together a fun, romantic, beautiful ceremony. We meet on the day and ...

You're Wed!



  • A no obligation meeting to discuss your wedding.

  • A wedding ceremony PDF outlining the order of the service, examples of poems, verse, asking, vows and ring exchanges.

  • I will arrive twenty minutes prior to your ceremony to liaise with  photographers and videographers. 

  • I can provide a P.A system, with a wireless microphone and the capability to play any device with a head phone jack or bluetooth.

  • I will make all family and persons involved in your ceremony feel comfortable and help with anything they need. 

  • If you need to speak to me about anything during the lead up to your wedding, I will make myself available to you. 

  • All of the legal documentation, as well as the filing and explanation of the specifics of the legal paperwork.

  • I will register your marriage with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

  • I will perform a Short and Simple ceremony for you.

  • I will contact you once Births, Deaths and Marriages has registered your marriage and send you a link to apply for your Marriage Certificate.

  • I will provide you with information on how to change your name if required. 

  • I will dress appropriately. 

  • I will vary my position throughout the ceremony, so the focus stays on you and be careful not to photo bomb those special moments.

  • I'll also be there to soothe your anxieties, comfort you, and assist any members of your family.

  • I will conduct your ceremony with professionalism and be there for you the whole way through from our first meeting until Births, Deaths and Marriages have registered your marriage.

  • I will provide you with a commemorative marriage certificate.

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